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  • Private Lesson

As a professional pianist who currently performs at various recitals, the lesson is offered focusing on “imaging impression of the tone and mastering technique to express your image/story”.

The lesson is personalized one-on-one lesson and available for the students at any age and any level. Lessons can be offered in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese.


Place :“Mirethos” 5-8-12 B1 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku
5-34-6 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo (Shin-nakano Station, Marunouchi line)

Lesson Fee : 5000yen ~9000yen / hour (Depending on the level)

Private lesson at your home : +1500yen (The Tokyo metropolitan area)

Frequency : More than twice a month (Recommend)

please ask if you want to take a lesson once a month)

Others: You can record the lesson. Please take a video if you want.


You can start from a trial lesson (30min)/¥3000



For students who want to

  • Enjoy practicing
  • Achieve the goal
  • Keep changing and improving
  • Communicate straightforward
  • Challenge outside the box
  • Develop your confidence in performance


  • How I teach
    It is very important to make your goal, think and be aware of what you need to practice, drive you to succeed by yourself and make a compliment to yourself. It means that “to have your teacher inside yourself” is the key to expand your possibility.


  • What I teach
  • Unlock your potential
  • Achieve success in performance
  • Refine your inspiration
  • Cultivate your imagination
  • Teach music knowledge
  • Suggest effective method of exercise
  • Share my experience abroad (especially in Europe)